Gutter Cleaning Services - Southwest Michigan


Why risk your life climbing up and down ladders to clean out your gutters when you can have one of Kazoo Chimney & Home Services' fully licensed and insured technicians do it for you? Our professional and courtious workers will empty your gutters of leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris.

photo of gutters full of leaves that need cleaning

Clogged gutters do more harm than just in how they look. Because gutters can't drain well when filled with rain water and melting snow run off they can clog causing ice dams, basement flooding, foundation damage, dry rot, mold issues, and costly roof repairs down the road. Avoid these repairs by having your gutters cleaned.

photo of icicles hanging from a gutter

If you want to learn more about our gutter cleaning services call Kazoo Chimney and Home Services at (269) 459-1386 or Contact Us for an estimate or to schedule your service.