Chimney Cleaning & Repair Services - Greater Kalamazoo Area


Established in 1990, Kazoo Chimney and Home Services has built a reputation for excellent work at a reasonable cost. We are fully licensed and insured, and follow the latest codes and standards in our work. You can trust your chimney safety to Kalamazoo Chimney & Home Services.

Our Chimney Sweeping Process:

chimney-cleaning-sweepingWe set up large tarps to protect your floor and hearth, and use a high-powered HEPA vacuum to control dust. Our chimney sweep will close the damper, then clean the chimney from the top and bottom with the properly sized brush to remove creosote. We also visually inspect your chimney inside and out and provide a 21 point safety condition report.

Here are some common questions and facts about chimney cleaning services that are helpful to homeowners.

If I never use my fireplace, it’s maintenance free, right?
If you don't use your fireplace it likely doesn’t need cleaning. But you should have it checked for damage caused by weather or defects that would make it unsafe. Brick and mortar can erode, chimney caps can break or go missing causing water leaks. Birds, bats, or rodents can take up residence. Our inspection covers these things and more.

How often should I have my chimney inspected or cleaned?
According to The National Fire Protection Association recommendations your chimney should be inspected at least once a year so that sooty deposit buildups and/or defects can be monitored and corrected. If you’re in doubt or know you haven’t had your chimney checked in a while, call Kazoo Chimney & Home Services.

Will it make a mess?
chimney-cleaning-sweepingNot at all! With the Kazoo Chimney Cleaning process, we set up large tarps to protect your floor and hearth. Our service technicians set up a high powered HEPA vacuum creating an air flow to the exterior which virtually eliminates soot and dust. Next the damper is closed and the chimney is cleaned by brush to remove soot and creosote.

Why is a chimney inspected?
We visually inspect your chimney liner (the pipe) to see that is up to code and is able to contain all the byproducts of combustion. We examine the exterior of your chimney and provide a 21 point safety condition report.

Some of the major safety concerns we look for are: missing mortar joints between the tile liner sections, cracked, blown out, or missing tile liners, condition of the bricks, mortar, crown, cap and damper condition.

Note: Chimney fires often occur without the homeowners' knowledge and you can have hidden cracks or breaks inside the flue as a result. We will recommend relining your chimney if damages such as these are found. Annual cleaning and inspection is recommend.

What about my Chimney Caps, Chimney Liner, and Chimney Damper?

Chimney Caps
kazoo-chimney-caps A properly fitted chimney cap keeps out rain, snow, birds, leaves and animals, while preventing hot embers from landing on the roof. Over time caps can breakdown or even be missing. If your cap needs to be replaced we offer replacement caps that are made with stainless steel, making them rustproof. They are installed to your specific flue size and securely fastened down.

Chimney Liner
Many chimneys have cracked and damaged liners. We will evaluate your chimney liner and replace the liner for you if necessary.

Chimney Dampers
Don't put up with a broken or cumbersome damper. A poorly fitted or loose-sealing damper can result in huge heat loss through your chimney. The most economical method of repairing a broken damper is to install a Top Sealing Damper. A properly fitted Top Sealing Damper will save you money year after year. We'll inspect your damper and give you our recommendation about the safety and cost effectiveness of your damper, and options for replacing it if needed.

I just bought my home and I don't know any details about the chimney.
Congratulations on your new home! Call us and we will schedule a 21 point safety condition report. This is a vital safety check that needs to be done before using your fireplace.

If you want to learn more about our chimney services call Kazoo Chimney and Home Services at (269) 459-1386 or Contact Us for an estimate.